Ay'Renee Spa

Lash Lounge & Beauty Bar

Here at Ay’Renee Spa we specialize in Mink Lash extensions, Eyebrow services, Unisex body waxing, and Skin care including facials.

Our licensed estheticians offer the latest in skin treatments and anti-aging therapies. Our goal is to tailor the clients experience based on initial information as well as feedback during the treatments. To ensure the clients comfort and satisfaction all while using the finest oils and lotions, beauty treatments as well as the latest techniques. We provide a cozy comfortable yet professional environment, that will enhance the clients overall experience, and they'll love every second of it.



Eyelash Enhancements


Eyelashes are a very simple yet a major beauty enchantment.  Whether you have short curly lashes or long straight eyelashes, enhancing them will make the eye untimely pop! The individual eyelashes are applied in clusters; this is for a quick glamorous look. The famous eyelash extensions which have been put on the map by many of our beloved celebrities’ are the most popular and most natural lash enhancement. These are applied one single hair at a time to the clients’ single natural lash.  The lash extension usually last the lifetime of your natural hair cycle, 6-8 weeks. Each natural lash is on a different growth cycle.  With great care, neither lash is damaging to your natural lash.  Appointment’s required. 



Our licensed esthetics use only the finest products offered in the wax industry to care for our client’s precious skin.  Though hair removal can be painful, the experience will ultimately be pleasurable.  As the eyebrows are a delicate facial structure, we take pride in providing our expert service.  Sanitation is our priority from Brow to Brazilian. 

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